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Dr. Marimba Ani - Afrikan Rebirth part 1 of 2
22 Dec 2019
Dr. Marimba Ani - Afrikan Rebirth part 1 of 2
Kwadwo Tòkunbọ̀ · 1 Views

Pan-Afrikan Response to the #ADOS Attack


Our Illustrious Panel features:

► Omowale Afrika -
► Afrikan Esquire -
► Scattered Minds -
► Abiola Sow -

Live Web conversation hosted by ShakaRa Speaks.

Hosted by ShakaRa Speaks (UK) | Featuring • Omowale Afrika (USA) • Afrikan Esq. (USA) • Abiola Ismael Sow (France/Ivory Coast) • Taharqa Red (UK)

Pan Afrikanism has come under attack. It has been characterised as an irrelevant failing Movement, based a pipe dream ideology of utopian Afrikan Unity.

The most recent assault has come from the newly emerged movement of "American Descendant of Slavery/Slaves" (#ADOS). Many of its leading proponents have taken aim squarely at Pan-Afrikanism. The conversations that have ensued are laced statements such as:

► Pan-Afrikanism is DEAD
► I'm not an Afrikan - Afrikans sold us into slavery
► There's no such thing as an "Afrikan" Identity.
► Black Americans fight for Afrika and the rest of the Black world, but Pan-Afikanism is not reciprocated
► Black immigrants leech off the benefits won by the blood of Black Americans
► There is no unity in Afrika, its 54 countries.
► Other Black are trying to co-opt the Black American Struggle
► Black Caribbeans and other immigrants don't have slavery &, displacement & poverty in their history

All of the above and more have been tools to punch holes in well established ideas of Pan-Afrikanism. BUT IS ANY OF THIS TRUE?

For this conversation, we have gathered Pan-Afrikanists representing the Afrikan continent, the USA, UK, France & the Caribbean to assess this narrative. We aim to address all of the above and more - in defence of the ideologies and movements that have done and continue to do much for Afrikan people; and with the highest expression of love that we must have for our people.

#ADOS have put some very important issues on the agenda. Here we aim to address the overall narrative on Pan-Afrikanism in the hope that we can develop a shared understanding of how this powerful movement has sought to solve the problems of our people.


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MbuyaNihenda 5 days ago

ADOS......Follow the money! Yvette Carnell is a staunch supporter of the Alphabet community- LGBTQ and a open lesbian; she's also not Afrikan/Black, but a mulatto, in deleted her from my FB page over three years ago BC of her views and homosexual lifestyle; why would the Pan-Afrikan Community want Ron be an align with ADOS?

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Ọbádélé Kambon
Ọbádélé Kambon 2 months ago

Same thing:

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Dr. Marimba Ani - Afrikan Rebirth part 1 of 2
22 Dec 2019
Dr. Marimba Ani - Afrikan Rebirth part 1 of 2
Kwadwo Tòkunbọ̀ · 1 Views